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America is the greatest nation on earth! But isn’t it about time you found out for yourself? Come and play our American slots games for free, no download required. Just play on your laptop, tablet or mobile and enjoy the good old USA. That is one thing the Americans did give us by the way…the Internet! Without their military binary coding we’d still have to make our way down to nearest casino in the United Kingdom to get a glimpse of the almighty dollar idol. So we can at least thank them for that little beauty. There’s plenty to see in America, and you’ll see plenty of it in our brilliant casino games. From the East coast and the famous big apple you’ll be watching those hot dogs roll down the reels, alongside Wall Street and it’s wild frenzied financial action, tickertapes and bankers doing their best to steal your profits and grab those big jackpots before you get the chance to. Maybe it’s time to head out west to Hollywood and mingle with the rich and famous. The movie industry plays a big part in our American slots, and you might even see a famous face or two along the way. This is the land of opportunity, and as the great bald eagle soars overhead, it will be watching and waiting for you to start hitting those big winners.