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Auto Spin Slots games with no deposit

Long gone are the days when you sat at a gaming machine pressing the ‘Spin’ button over and over again, waiting for some sort of crippling arthritic bone dysfunction to kick in, only to be carted off to hospital with a deformed index finger. Our brilliant free Auto Spin slots games take away the need for all the digit bashing and allow you to sit back and watch the reels unfold without you having to do a single thing. All the same features, all the great bonuses, and as much choice as you could ever want, and all free to play, without download in the United Kingdom today. You decide how many spins you want to run, set the machine in motion and just watch the cash pile up. Want to stop at any point? Then just hit the ‘Stop’ button. Want to take over and run things manually for a bit? Feel free to do so. It’s your choice with our fantastic Auto Spin slots games, and with no real money involved, the biggest bonus is that you just get to sit and there and be mesmerised by those ever revolving reels. Wait for the big pay lines, keep your fingers crossed for those feature bonuses, and get ready to here the alarms go off when that big jackpot finally lands.