It’s colour galore in our free Bird and Plumage Slots

Bird and Plumage Slots Games with no deposit

From your garden-variety bird, all the way up to the magnificent Birds of Paradise, one thing is true, these creatures are majestic, beautiful, and charismatic creatures and what wouldn’t you give to be one for the day? Our free Bird and Plumage slots with added bonuses are all about the feathered variety of creatures we see every day but pay very little attention to. They fly around doing their thing, pulling the odd worm from the ground, and generally cause little bother to anyone or anything else around them. That is unless you’ve seen Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. Now that was a terrifying prospect. But our birds aren’t like that at all. They’re a friendly bunch and they want you to win big, fluttering onto your reels with their magical songs and generally being all round nice company. They’re always happy to help, and if you can line them up in the right order then you’re well on your way to a very nice payday. They’ve got plenty hidden away in their nests too, from fantastic feature bonuses, to secret spins, and all manner of brilliant jackpots. Can you start winning today on our free Bird and Plumage slots and play in your mobile, tablet or pc browser online, available without download for free in the United Kingdom, and find that elusive golden goose? There’s only one way to find out…