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There was once a time when a Bonus Game slots was nothing but a one-armed bandit that threw out an extra coin by accident after you hit a win-line you weren’t quite expecting. Things have changed a bit over the years, and slots are all about the features now. If they don’t have them then people generally avoid them. If it’s not the Hulk tearing through your centre reel, or a gaggle of monkeys throwing ever-increasing bananas into your cash pot, then it will be some other ingeniously created feature game that draws your attention to those huge wins. Bonus Game casino games are all about the hidden mysteries behind the reels, whether they’re wild multipliers or free spins, they can all start to add up pretty quickly, and you soon forget that you’re actually playing to try and line up those big pay lines and hit the big jackpots. Those jackpots are still out there, but the Bonus Games are far more prevalent nowadays. If you’re going to make your way down to your local casino, for happy hour at least, then you’re going to need to know how to play these fiendishly difficult Bonus games, and where better than here, without download in the United Kingdom, to hone your skills than sat right in front of your android or apple mobile phone, tablet or PC. Preparation can lead to wonderful wins!