Catch a lucky bug in our free Bugs slots

Bugs Slots Games with no deposit required!

Those creepy critters might not be the nicest thing to look at, or indeed hold, but if they’re lining up in the right order and paying out big wins then you’ll soon learn to love the little chaps, and enjoy our free bugs slots machines, and all the bonuses that come along with them. From the truly revolting Dung Beetle, to the Golden Bug, Bumble Bugs, and everybody’s favourite LadyBug, you’re sure to see more than enough of these pleasant little creatures scuttling across your reels and revealing their hidden bonuses, brilliant features, and seemingly never ending free spins. Once these little guys curl up into a ball and start rolling they take forever to stop, and for us that’s a very good thing indeed. Come and enjoy our free games today, available to play, without download, and all from the safety of your Internet browser, and remember these are bugs, not viruses. They are two very different things. One has six legs and tries to help you win lots of money. The other is an annoying binary algorithm designed to hack your email and break your computer. We don’t want to break your computer…we want you to come and have some great fun, make some new little friends and start playing our lovely bug slots for free!