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Did you know that butterflies have been around for around 40-50 million years? No, neither did we…so with the exception of our Dinosaur gaming machines these guys are held in high esteem when it comes to our free games and bonuses. En-route to your massive jackpot wins and fantastic feature bonuses you will see them develop from the insignificant egg, to the hungriest little caterpillar, into the chrysalis stage of their lives, and then emerge into those wonderful creatures we see fluttering around our parks and gardens. They are wild though, and so are there free lady butterfly slots, available to play without download in the United Kingdom. Watch them flutter across your multiple reels and land where they see fit while you match them up with triple seven and butterfly wings. There is no controlling these amazing insects, but they do know how to release a few hidden features, bonus games, and free spins, and best of all they love to hand out their lovely butterfly kisses laden with massive jackpot wins. The casinos love to entice the ladies into a spin or two on Butterfly slots, so you’ll find no shortage of them at your local establishment. Sit tight. Munch your way through the free peanuts and drinks in your caterpillar stage. Sit tight again, before emerging with a huge jackpot win and fluttering all the way home with a pocket full of cash.