Enforce the Law with free Cops and robbers slots

Cops and robbers slots free to play now!

Good and evil, right and wrong… They are in every part of life. But throughout history there has always been police and there have always been criminals and now choose your side. Whatever side you decide to sit on will still give you the satisfaction of using your moral compass to win some huge amounts of money. Use these slots to claim some bounties on the most dangerous criminals around or what you can do is use your criminal contacts and get the best robbers around to help you get the biggest payout of your life. Plan the heist, use your cunning, wit and luck and also by using the tools of the robbers like explosives, Guns, getaway cars, money bags and crack the vault and start loading up. The cops have got to use their equipment like radios, guns, magnifying glasses and investigate the crime scene and ask the witnesses what happened then you can catch the robbers or the robbers can make their way out with cash in hand and a smile on their face. Plan heists around the world and start spinning those slots online without the need to register or download! Rise through the underworld or the police force and start winning bigger and better prizes. What are you waiting for? Choose your side, get your gear and take on the other side with cops and robbers slots!