Take on the beasts lost to time with dinosaur slots

Prehistoric dinosaur slot games with no deposit

In the land before time...where dinosaurs are the dominant species and humans haven't evolved far enough to be like our cavemen ancestors there were stories of natural treasures that if shown off today would make someone extremely wealthy. So jump online and start playing our dinosaur slots! Experience the world in its infancy and find creatures like the king of the dinosaurs; The Tyrannosaurs Rex, the gentle stegosaurs and triceratops, The quick and deadly Velociraptor and the flying reptiles like the Pterosaur to traverse the world and scout out prizes that can help you get some huge winnings. The scientists of the world would kill to be in this position but will pay through the nose for what you win! It's the dawn of the dinosaurs but it's also the dawn of your riches. Maybe with the amount of money you could make you could even start up your own Jurassic park and let dinosaurs run free. Walk with them and live alongside the dinosaurs in theses dinosaur style slots. While you're playing you will feel like you're there within the games plus the background sounds. It's the closest to being in that jungle with the raptors ever to exist! Play online without sign up or download right now and once you start you can't stop! Start playing right now.