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The magical forest holds many secrets. The elders of the village said not to venture there but out of curiosity you ventured out there to see if it was true or not. You found some breadcrumbs, which is odd as no one comes in here. You follow the breadcrumbs and it leads you to gingerbread house in a clearing. Inside the house there is an old blind lady and two small rosey cheeked children who call each other Hansel and Gretel. Then out the corner of your eye you see seven dwarves with pickaxes whistling a merry tune. An extremely good looking man rides past on his stallion and it seems that around you the forest unfolds into a land of wonder and mystery. Dragons fly overhead and princesses call for their prince charming from their high towers. Is this real? One thing you do know is that fairytales have a lot of valuable things around and now you can win your share of it with these fairytale slots. All our casino games are free to play and online so you don't have to download anything at all to enjoy. Battle the evil queen and take her fortune for the good of the land. Find your princess and save her from peril. Use your sword and other items from folklore like the dwarves pickaxe, The witch's candy, The evil queen's poison apple, Prince Charming's horse and Jack's magic beans to conquer the castle be it the evil queen's or the giant's castle at the top of the beanstalk and take their gold and save the realm in our fairytale slots!