Legends of Ancient Greece captured in these slot machines.

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From gods to demi-gods. Heroes to mortals. Ancient Greece has given so much to the world but now travels back in time and finds Zeus, Ares, Hades and the rest of the gods in order to take what riches you can and become a god yourself! Train with the mightiest soldiers of Sparta and fight back the Persian invaders. Learn and debate with the city of Athens and claim the lost treasurers of Olympus. Fight amongst the warriors and titans of the era, sail the seas with Jason or watch Troy fall from within the horse by testing your luck on the slots. Match up Greek artefacts like temples and vases and the main tools at the time like the Spartan sword and shield, the Athenian Owl and scroll plus the symbols of the gods like Zeus' lightning bolts and Hermes' wings and once you start winning you can't stop! Not even the god of luck can best you and I think that's a situation that everyone wants to be in. All you need to do to get started is jump online and play, it's as easy as that, no downloads or deposits just winnings. Fight epic monsters like Medusa and Cerberus and brave the maze that holds Pandora's Box. Do you risk it or do you flee? A god will always stand their ground and with these slots you'll become a god among men! So what are you waiting for? Draw your sword for Olympus and play Greek slots online now!