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The Mayans are known as one of the powerful civilizations known to mankind but no know really knows what happened to them. Some would blame outsiders, others would blame their gods who got angry with them and punished them. We may never know but what we do know is that what they left behind is their temples and the ruins of their cities. Deep within the temples lies their treasure and now only you can claim it for yourself. Use things like Pickaxes, Shovels, Maps. Inside the temple there are things that can help you like Mayan symbols, Their weapons and the artefacts of the past to get to the centre of the temple. They got the end of the world wrong, which means they were probably wrong about how protected their gold was. These slots will take you into the temple and you will emerge victorious with all the gold you could want. Prepare to have the most authentic experience possible with the sights and sounds on offer. The spirits will bind you into the game and when you start winning then you can fight for your freedom! No need to download the game, just click and start playing! What are you waiting for explorer? You've got some gold to grab on these Mayan slots!