Join the Ninja ranks with free Online Slots

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In rural Japan, the ninja moved silently through the night like a spirit on the breeze, pursuing their goal without hesitation. You don’t need as much dedication to play these slots here in the United Kingdom because no deposit is required. Many peasants became ninjas to try and gain a better life than working in the fields. Can you follow them to glory? You can get started straight away as these slots games are free and require no download or registration. The life of a ninja is not easy but thankfully you can reap the benefits without all the fuss. Play outside on your tablet or mobile, or at home in bed. Eventually, you will get the chance to test all your skills and might against the mighty Samurai that guard the Shogun. Spin the reel and match deadly ninja’s weapons: caltrops, cane swords, blowguns, poisoned darts, acid-spurting tubes, and firearms, darts, spikes, knives, and sharp, star-shaped discs, katana. The Shogun has amassed both an army of great strength and a treasury filled with gold. His treasures are collected far and wide across the Japanese countryside. But now it is time for you to rise and challenge for that vast fortune. So be silent, move fast and with a little bit of luck and bonus spins they will all fall in your wake. Only then may you claim the ultimate treasures and reap the rewards of the jackpots!