Free Phoenix slots game with no download required

The lifespan of the Phoenix varies greatly, some scholars of mythology claim it lived 100 years, others said 1000. But one thing they can all agree on is that at the end of its lifespan it burned and raising from the ashes a new Phoenix emerged. The tale of this legendary bird has been re told through the centuries across the world. Many believe the Phoenix originated in Ancient Egypt and so our games are designed to recapture the feel of the time. And thankfully, you don’t have to burst into flames to experience the wild passion of the Phoenix as you claim your fortunes because no deposit is needed for these free Phoenix slots. Also since you don’t need to download anything or complete a registration you can start rising straight away. Start playing and abandon your world here in the UK to see the pyramids, read hieroglyphs and eventually see the blazing Phoenix in all its glory. Meet the ancient Gods and famous Egyptians like Cleopatra as you rip through Phoenix slots like the blazing hot Phoenix. So don’t catch fire trying to bring out the new you, just open your browser and start playing for the jackpots today.