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These free online Straight slots games are like the arrows in the marksman’s quiver, straight and to the point. There are no fancy plays on words or funny gimmicks here. No, instead we have decided to just give you the simple thing here. All of us here just want you to have fun and enjoy yourself and if you want the essential core of what we do here then these games are for you. What you’ll find are simple yet elegant game designs that don’t deviate from the original look and feel of the American gambling games. All you have to do is spin reels and try and line up classic symbols like the BAR sign, bells, stripes or the 7’s to win prizes. Get one line of all the same symbols and you will have won the jackpot. Strip away all the excess to rediscover the classic game that is still as popular today as it was when it was first released here in the UK. There is no catch; these are just free Straight slots with no deposit needed to offer you a pleasant way to pass the time whether you are at home or on public transport on even in the bath., because you can play on any device, whichever OS it runs, Android, iOS or Windows.