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Eureka I’ve done it! I’ve finally completed my time travel machine. I need to stay here in the present UK to monitor things so I must ask you to journey through time to find the lost jackpots of history. I will send you around the world to certain times but you must make your own way from there. Play these free online travel slots games to take a road trip through across Europe or be the admiral on the ship that Christopher Columbus took to make his discovery of the new lands with maps, open seas and ships. Take a taxi in 1960’s New York or jump out of an aircraft a parachute into the Himalayas, whatever it takes to win that jackpot. If you succeed then when you return you will be able to turn your life in the UK upside down and trade the rainy British weather for beautiful white beaches as you vacation in the Caribbean. Just think, today you worry about the bills but tomorrow you could be on safari in Kenya thanks to these free travel slots with no deposit needed. My time machine can’t give you back the time you’ve lost already reading this so let’s go!