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If you had stepped foot into a Las Vegas casino 50 years ago you would have seen nothing but three-reeled one-armed bandits lined up, one after another with nothing but tourists feeding them with quarters and pulling that arm over and over again, just waiting for that big jackpot to drop. Things have moved on since then and gaming companies realised that punters wanted something a bit more entertaining, and a bit less strenuous on the right arm. Sometimes you may have lost all of your money back in the 1960’s after a 24-hour gambling machine run, but you’d walk out of that casino looking like Popeye – on your right arm at least. But with the introduction of the microchip, the circuit board, and the video screen, and more importantly the ‘push-to-spin’ button, the casino machine gaming industry changed forever not on only in Vegas but around the world – the UK included. Yes the nostalgia of the reels whirring round was lost, but the introduction of multiple win lines, bonus features, hidden secret games, and all manner of visual fun took its place. The one-armed bandit is still out there, but the free online slot has now become the true gaming machine, and our video slots require no download to play. The king is dead. Long live the king! Find them all here. There really is something for everyone.