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The dark and empty streets are quiet as the fog rolls in. You hear something shuffling in the darkness behind you. Then as the pale light from the full moon spills out from behind the black clouds of night you see them. Hundreds of the walking dead ambling towards you with one though in mind… to stop you winning that jackpot! Explore the restricted zone where a dark secret is being kept under wraps, or get trapped in a haunted house with ghouls and ghosts added in to really ramp up the horror. Nowhere in the UK is truly safe from the evil that has been unleashed and it is up to you to win the jackpot and lift the curse that is causing the dead to rise again. It doesn’t matter if it is Halloween or not, our zombie themed free online slots games are sure to get your pulse racing as you spin to win some serious prizes. Take on the hordes of the undead with pumpkins, Halloween candy and trick or treat costumes to ensure you make it out in time and rack up your jackpot scores. Before you know it you will be swimming in zombie money knowing you’ve saved the world and brought peace to the undead. These free slots have no deposit needed so you can start your adventure right now.